Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the group cost?

$150 per month for the group.

Is this only a BOLO group?

NO! To be sure we post more than 200 BOLOs per month, but we also TEACH. We teach you why the BOLOs are solid buys. We share industry best practices, tools, and tips, and keep you in the loop with the most recent Amazon FBA developments.

How do I join?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the homepage and we will notify you shortly if you are accepted

Are you saturating the market with your bolos?

There will be some overlap from store to store in particular regions but for the most part these stores have such a wide range of inventory that the items shared are much less likely to lose their value. Since we limit membership by zip code your area will never be saturated.

We don’t sell our bolos on lists, or in any other venue. We keep our leads for our members and we limit membership in our groups.

How many leads do you post per month?

We post a minimum of 200 leads per month, and in many cases more.

How many different brands do you share?

We have typically posted over 50 different brands per month. New brands usually mean less competition. We’re on the hunt and let our members know when we find them.

Is it safe to source these stores?

We believe it is – with the right business processes in place. We teach our members to document their purchases clearly and concisely. Admins and members have successfully used our process to answer inauthentic complaints.

How many sellers per area do you allow?

We allow 1 seller for each 10 stores in a 25 mile area. So if there are 50 stores in an area up to 5 members can join. If there are only 10 stores in an area, a maximum of 1 member can join that area to prevent oversaturation.

How do you limit the number of sellers in an area?

By Zip Code. We carefully check each new applicant against the registered users list to make sure we never allow too many members in one area.

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