What Our Members Say About Us

The RA Sourcing Secrets groups have been instrumental in the growth I have experienced in the past year and a half. I joined the TJM group in early 2016, and later added the Ross/BCF group, which I really should have done sooner. The leads that are provided in the group are plentiful and of great quality, but the groups are so much more. The admins are fantastic, providing education, analysis, and guidance along the way. I have learned a lot about sourcing clothes and shoes, but the education has extended to other areas of my business as well. The analytical posts have led me to think about and further examine my strategy and numbers, and as a result, I continue to tweak my buying criteria and decisions. Some people join the groups to learn the ropes and then leave, but many join and hang around, not just for the leads, but for the ongoing support, education, and community. There is always something more to learn, and even after a year and a half, I am still learning about new brands and delving into products that I have never sourced before. These groups are top notch, and joining them was one of the best decisions that I have made since starting my Amazon business.

Staci M.  FBA Seller, Member of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross Groups since July 2016

I’ve been part of the TJMaxx/Marshalls Group for 4 months, as I’ve watched my sales go from $0 and super frustrated with not being able to spend even $300 in a store to now (4 months later) easily spending $1000-$1500 in a matter of a few hours thanks to the expertise offered by Brian and the others in this group. Also, this group has been instrumental with REAL TIME feedback. I’ve been in the store many times unsure if I should buy or not and with a quick post or message, I’d get a response in minutes to tell me Buy or Pass. This alone has saved me hundreds of dollars a month on passing on bad buys as I learn the ropes. In fact, this group has been sooooo good (and super under-priced!) that I’m even hesitant to share this with you, yet the due diligence that Brian takes to make sure that there isn’t more than one buyer within a certain radius has me sleep well at night. I should do around 50k in sales within my first 6 months thanks to the expertise in this group – and smoothly scaling the business in 2018 thanks to the systems and processes that I’ve learned from Brian and the other people in the group.

Joshua Barad, FBA Seller, Member Marshalls and TJ Maxx Group since June 2017

“I joined RA Sourcing Secrets about 18 months ago because I was a new seller to Amazon and was barely treading water. After following the leads and BOLOS for three months I began to see trends in brands and my business started to take off. I owe a great deal to RA Sourcing Secrets and the group for getting me and my AZ business off the ground.”

Theresa C. , FBA Seller, Member of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross Groups September 2016


“Elizabeth, Brian and the Coghlan’s have been an invaluable source of information and contributed to my success on Amazon. The first year with the groups was also my first six figure year. Most was due to the educational posts of how, why and when they buy inventory. I learned and became more confident evaluating inventory in stores on my own. The BOLOs are just a bonus. The groups also have many discussions ranging from hiring employees, sourcing strategies, business loans, and many others. Highly recommend. “

Molly G., FBA Seller, Member of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross Groups since July 2016

When I first started FBA in June 2016, the sourcing process was overwhelming and frustrating. RAsourcing.com made me recognize the vast potential in sourcing from discount stores. The RASecrets.com team has distilled years of experience/knowledge into efficient sourcing techniques. In addition to sourcing ideas, the team discuss best practices to use for your Amazon business. I am expecting my best 4th quarter ever and continued growth into 2018.

Ryan L.  – FBA Seller, Member of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross Groups since June 2016

Thank you for what you do Brian and Elizabeth. Your willingness to share your expertise, your sourcing tricks, and those “golden nuggets” has had a major impact on my business. My sales are way up because I’m sourcing with a lot more confidence.

Juan G. , FBA Seller,  Member of Ross  group since June 2017