and later added the Ross/BCF group, which I really should have done sooner. The leads that are provided in the group are plentiful and of great quality, but the groups are so much more. The admins are fantastic, providing education, analysis, and guidance along the way. I have learned a lot about sourcing clothes and shoes, but the education has extended to other areas of my business as well. The analytical posts have led me to think about and further examine my strategy and numbers, and as a result, I continue to tweak my buying criteria and decisions. Some people join the groups to learn the ropes and then leave, but many join and hang around, not just for the leads, but for the ongoing support, education, and community. There is always something more to learn, and even after a year and a half, I am still learning about new brands and delving into products that I have never sourced before. These groups are top notch, and joining them was one of the best decisions that I have made since starting my Amazon business.

Staci M. FBA Seller,  Happy Member since April 2016