in a store to now (4months later) easily spending $1000-$1500 in a matter of a few hours thanks to the expertise offered by Brian and the others in this group. Also, this group has been instrumental with REAL TIME feedback. I’ve been in the store many times unsure if I should buy or not and with a quick post or message, I’d get a response in minutes to tell me Buy or Pass. This alone has saved me hundreds of dollars a month on passing on bad buys as I learn the ropes. In fact, this group has been sooooo good (and super under-priced!) that I’m even hesitant to share this with you, yet the due diligence that Brian takes to make sure that there isn’t more than one buyer within a certain radius has me sleep well at night. I should do around 50k in sales within my first 6 months thanks to the expertise in this group – and smoothly scaling the business in 2018 thanks to the systems and processes that I’ve learned from Brian and the other people in the group. Joshua B.

FBA Seller, Member Marshalls and TJ Maxx Group since May 2017